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Paddle board accessories

Looking for SUP accessories to make your trip on the water even more comfortable? Then you are at the right place at Supboard-99. On this page you will find all kinds of useful SUP accessories, such as paddles, dry bags, leashes and parts for (among others) your Aqua Marina SUP board.

SUP paddle

At Supboard-99 most paddle boards will include a free paddle upon purchase. This is an aluminum paddle and it is perfect for most beginning paddle boarders. Are you looking for something a little bit more advanced? Purchase your SUP paddle here. Paddles made from fiberglass or carbon will make your SUP adventure even better.

Dry bag

Of course you would also like to take a picture of the nature, your children or yourself when you're comfortably paddling on the water. The only disadvantage: what if your phone gets wet because you fall into the water? Prevent this with the purchase of a dry bag. A dry bag is a super handy, 100% waterproof bag in which you can store your precious belongings and take them along on the water. Isn't it great to be able to carry your wallet, camera or phone on the water so you are prepared for anything? In our online store we sell smaller sizes and 90 liter dry bags, for if you want to take dry clother or bigger items.

SUP Parts

Besides the paddles and dry bags you will also find a lot of parts for your SUP board on this page. Whether you are looking for an extra fin or a high pressure pump, here you can find anything for your perfect day on the water. Orders over £50 are shipped for free and will be delivered at your doorstep quickly. Questions about an accessory? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service!