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  1. Bluefin Carbon Paddle
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    Aqua Marina Solid SUP peddel
    • Merk Aqua Marina
    • Speciaal voor: (Young) Adults
    Special Price €59.99 Regular Price €79.99
  3. Aqua Marina Ace Aluminium Peddel voor kinderen
    • Merk Aqua Marina
    • Speciaal voor: Children < 14 years
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    Aqua Marina Sports III Aluminium Peddel - iSUP
    • Merk Aqua Marina
    Special Price €24.95 Regular Price €29.95

11 Items

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Purchase a SUP Paddle

At Supboard-99 we offer a wide variety of SUP paddles, for both beginners and advanced SUP boarders. With many SUP boards on our website a free aluminum paddle is supplied with your purchase. Would you however like a paddle of even better quality, check out our fiberglass and carbon SUP paddles.

Different materials of SUP paddles

At Supboard-99 we sell paddles in all kinds and sizes. Would you like to find out which SUP board paddle suits you best? Read our SUP paddle purchase guide for more information on this subject. Here will we tell you everything about the differences between paddles and what other factors you should take into account when you're in the market for purchase a SUP paddle. Among other things we will discuss the paddle length, the differences between the various materials and how we have experienced these paddles while testing them.

Generally, an aluminum paddle is the best option for a beginner. These are high-quality products, but because of the aluminum these are more affordable than for example carbon.

Is your aluminum paddle in need of replacement and are you looking for an upgrade for the existing paddle? Then consider a fiberglass or carbon paddle. A fiberglass paddle is lighter than aluminum and has a perfect price / quality ratio. This paddle is for people who are more often paddling on a SUP board and demand a bit more than a beginner.

Carbon paddle
Are you a demanding water sports enthusiast and do you want to get the absolute best out of your SUP adventure? Then choose a carbon paddle. A carbon paddle is the lightest and strongest material of which a paddle can be made. This lightweight paddle ensures that you can make put in more effort for longer and is especially adored by advanced users. Because you have less weight to move in the water, your arms are less tired.