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Bluefin Carbon Paddle

Bluefin Carbon Paddle

The Cruise Carbon Drive Paddle is an excellent three-piece paddle that is adjustable from 175 to 210 centimeters. It is made with a new rubber grip, a lightweight carbon fiber shaft, and a nylon blade filled with glass. The tear-shaped blade is designed to make the paddling strokes more powerful, stable, and efficient.

The paddle has several important features that make it unique. For example, it has quick-release cam locks and a spring clip, making maneuvering easier and allowing you to achieve more speed on the water. This makes the paddle perfect for those looking for an affordable, high-quality paddle.

At Bluefin, the environment comes first. That's why with every purchase of the Cruise Carbon Drive Paddle, a tree is planted. In addition, as many recycled materials as possible are used during the production process and sustainability is sought. This way, as many resources as possible are returned to our planet.

If you want to convert your Cruise Carbon Drive Paddle into a kayak paddle, you can purchase our carbon kayak conversion kit. This way, you can experience even more adventures on the water.

The Cruise Carbon Paddle is suitable for anyone looking for a high-quality paddle that is affordable. The design matches our Bluefin Cruise Carbon 2022 boards, but the paddle fits perfectly with our other boards as well. It is ideal for paddling calmly and enjoying the surroundings.

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