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Bluefin Nitro Racing SUP

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With the Bluefin Nitro race SUP, you can quickly reach your destination while taking your gear with you, whether you are an explorer, scout, or traveler. This board allows you to go further and faster on the water than ever before.

The Nitro is perfect for both flat water and open water adventures and excursions. The extra agility and shape of this board ensure that you glide and move smoothly and easily on the water. This makes it the perfect choice for higher speeds and longer distances.

Whether you're racing or just taking a relaxing trip, the Bluefin Nitro SUP is the perfect board for you. With its unique features, such as the double-walled dropstitch construction and durable surface, the board offers both stability and durability.

  • Great board for higher speeds
  • Includes paddle and SUP leash
  • Includes two baggage cords to carry extra gear
  • Very sturdy SUP that lies comfortably on the water
  • Inflatable and therefore easy to take with you
Included in the package:
  • Bluefin Nitro SUP board
  • Luxury backpack with wheels
  • High-pressure pump
  • Fin
  • Carbon paddle
  • SUP leash

5 years


Fast, light and aerodynamic, the Nitro is the ultimate inflatable racing paddleboard. This board is perfect for speed, with a narrow nose, streamlined profile, and a speedrail at the rear. The Nitro is made using Exo-Surface Laminate Technology (ESL) and is at least 15% lighter than the previous Bluefin Sprint boards. With the NXT-series racing fin, this board provides excellent tracking without resistance. The Nitro: for an advanced experience.

Multiple persons:

The Bluefin Nitro is perfect for both calm water trips and adventurous expeditions on open water. Its extra maneuverability allows for smooth and effortless gliding on the water. It is the ideal SUP board for speed freaks who love racing and for those who want to cover longer distances.

With its streamlined shape, the Nitro cuts through the water and offers unparalleled maneuverability that is perfect for adventurous trips on open water. Whether you are looking for high speeds or want to cover longer distances, the Nitro is the perfect board for you.

  • Brand: Bluefin
  • Model: Bluefin Nitro SUP board
  • Dimensions: 427 cm x 71 cm x 16 cm
  • Thickness: 16 cm
  • Board weight: 12.7 kg
  • Max. load capacity: 190 kg
  • Pressure: 15-18 PSI | Max: 28 PSI
  • Article number: 5060840906998

Bluefin Nitro SUP Board

With the Bluefin Nitro race SUP board you can go further and faster on the water than ever before. It's the ideal board for adventurers, explorers, and scouts who want to quickly reach their destination while also carrying equipment.

The Nitro SUP board offers unprecedented agility, allowing you to effortlessly glide and move over both flat and open waters. This makes the board perfect for racing, high speeds, and longer distances.

The Bluefin Nitro has a double-walled dropstitch construction and an impressive thickness of 16 cm. The exterior of the board is extremely durable and can withstand impact, so you don't have to worry about scratches. The top deck is equipped with a beautiful and functional traction pad that covers almost the entire surface of the board and provides excellent grip.

More Information
Pressure20 PSI
Weight board12.7
Thickness6 inch
Size427 x 71 x 15 cm
Model:Bluefin Nitro
I wantRacing
Especially for:(Young) Adults
MateriaalDouble-layer PVC
Estimated time of delivery3 - 5 business days
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