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MOAI 11' Test

MOAI 11' Test
Rating: 9.4

"The MOAI 11' SUP Board is a beautiful board that can be used in almost all circumstances and offers a great experience for both beginners and advanced users."

Welcome to the MOAI 11' Test. In this series of several articles we do a paddle board test, this time with the MOAI 11'.

The MOAI 11' was the first MOAI board and was launched on the market last year. It immediately conquered many hearts and, thanks to its quality and design, became very popular in a short space of time..

So popular that two more models have been developed in this series, namely the MOAI 10'6 (aimed at beginners and the possibility to install a seat on it) and the MOAI 12'6 SUP (focused on the more experienced, racing and speed).

The original MOAI 11' has undergone many improvements since last year (such as a kick pad, improved technology and a free SUP leash) and now we've done an extensive test for it!

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The MOAI 11' board has amazed us from the very first moment we stood on it with its quality, stability and versatility..

It is a wonderful and stable paddle board for a relaxing tour, but it is so robust that you can also cruise a little wilder waters (although we recommend the MOAI 12'6 for real wild water racing). The paddle board is rock hard and feels incredibly robust.

After trying out most of the boards from 2019, we can say with certainty that this is the best SUP board for the all-rounder, whether you are a beginner or already moderately experienced..

We recommend MOAI 11' for the beginner and more advanced paddleboarder.. With the MOAI 11' you can paddleboard long distances. Even if you have experience with paddleboarding and when defying wild water, this is a very suitable board..

Have you just started and would you like to get acquainted with the sport for a little less money? Then the MOAI 10'6 is a wonderfull option. But are you willing to spend a little more money? Then choose this MOAI 11' or for real racing and speed on the water choose the MOAI 12'6 paddle board.

    Advantages MOAI 11'

  • Very complete package with high quality accessories
  • Three fins and kickpad for high stability
  • Floats fantastic on the water

    Disadvantages MOAI 11'

  • Slightly more expensive due to the higher quality
  • Slightly heavier (10 kg) due to advanced technology
Specifications of the board
  • Size: 11' x 30"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Weight board: 22 lbs
  • Max. load weight: 330 lbs
  • Pressure: 15 PSI
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The MOAI 11' Paddle Board Test

In order to make our assessment, we tested the board with its direct competitors:

Compared to other brands it is obvious that MOAI has a strong focus on quality. In no other package do we find such high quality accessories as with the MOAI.

The paddle, the double-action pump, the ankle cord and the included backpack feel very sturdy and high quality. Furthermore you will find 3 fins and a repair kit in the box.

The board is a bit heavier than its counterparts and after some research we know that this is due to the so-called Double Layer Technology. This board consists of a PVC layer, which is then covered with another layer of PVC. This provides more strength. At 22 lbs, the paddle board is quite heavy but can be lifted easily by a young adult.

Once on the water, you will immediately feel that the weight of the paddle board does a lot for the stability. Even beginners will find it easy to stand on this board thanks to its unrivalled solid design.

The anti-slip protection feels good on the feet and ensures that you have a comfortable position.

What do you get when purchasing the MOAI 11'?

A big advantage when purchasing the MOAI 11' is the package you get. This package is so extensive, that you do not have to buy anything extra to start immediately. The follow accessories are included for free:

  • High-pressure pump for quickly inflating your Stand Up Paddle board
  • Carrying bag
  • Extra fins for more stability
  • SUP anklecord
  • Paddle
  • SUP beginners e-book (worth £19)
  • Repair kit
Do you want to keep your stuff dry and safe on the water? Take a look at our dry bags. This is where you always keep your stuff dry!

Features of the MOAI 11' Paddle Board

It is very convenient that the MOAI, unlike most Aqua Marina boards, has 3 fins at the bottom for extra stability on the water. The luggage elastic on the front of the paddle board is very handy for storing things underneath, although it is advisable to store these things in a dry bag.

What we also like is the addition of a kick pad at the back of the board. The kick pad allows you to lean back a little more, so the nose of the board is slightly higher, making it easier to catch waves. This will give you more speed than on a board without this feature.

In addition, it's a lot easier to make curves and turn in the water because you're lifting up the front of the board a little bit. So you can also pivot and brake quickly when needed, which is a great addition to have maximum control over your paddle board.

The MOAI 11' is an inflatable paddleboard. We have already discussed this on several pages on our website, but here again briefly the advantages compared to a hard board:

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards.

The disadvantages of an inflatable board are that less speed can be achieved and that inflatable boards are more for beginners and less suitable for more advanced SUP boarders.

Purchase your MOAI Paddle Board here >

The fact that this SUP-board is inflatable has only advantages in our opinion:

  • Easy to take on holiday (even on the plane)
  • Easy to store in the winter days
  • Much cheaper
  • Technology has improved greatly over the past 10 years. For this reason, these boards are now almost hard to distinguish from hard boards.

    The disadvantages of an inflatable board are that less speed can be achieved and that inflatable boards are more for beginners and less suitable for more advanced SUP boarders.

Did you know that this board can be inflated within 5 to 10 minutes?

MOAI 11' in practice

We have tested the board in a number of different conditions and have been very impressed by the versatility and quality. As a new brand on the market (MOAI has only been around since 2017, as mentioned above), they are not inferior to the very best boards from, for example, Aqua Marina.

The quality of the boards is very good and the accessories supplied are of a very high quality. There are hardly any disadvantages to the board, since you get a complete package and the carrying weight of 150 kg is very decent.

The board is of course slightly more expensive than a standard Aqua Marina paddle board, but with the quality that comes with it, this board is also worth the higher price..

The MOAI 11' is a great board for almost anyone who wants to go out on the water to paddle. Also relaxing on the water, doing yoga exercises and depending on the total weight even paddleboarding together is possible with this board

In our eyes a true all-rounder that we can recommend to everyone!

A 6" thick board provides more stability and strength
    We find the MOAI 11' the most suitable for:
  • Beginners and more experienced paddleboarders
  • Short and long distances
  • Flat to slightly moving water (ponds, lakes)
    Not suitable for:
  • Racing
  • Multiple persons over 330 lbs
  • Wilder waters

About MOAI

MOAI is one of the new brands in the Stand Up Paddle Boards market, but because of the high quality, the fantastic designs and the collaboration with charity it has directly conquered the heart of many Stand Up Paddle boarders.

When we first got the chance to test the MOAI boards and get to know the brand, we didn't hesitate for a moment, of course.

We were really excited by the design and the story behind the board. The design - from one of the former top designers of NIKE - is clean, sporty and elegant.

The story they tell about a more environmentally friendly board that also donates a portion to charity (Waves for Change) at every sale, also convinced us. That's why we're happy to have been able to go on the water with this beautiful SUP board!

Frequently asked questions about the MOAI 11'

We received many questions about the MOAI 1'1' test. For this reason we have included a section in the test, in which we answer the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is the difference between the MOAI 10'6, 11' and 12'6?

    Besides the difference in price between the three boards, the target group per board is slightly different. The MOAI 10'6 (this one) is an entry-level model for beginners. The board is also only suitable for one person. The MOAI 11' is a larger model with more carrying capacity (330 lbs instead of 286 lbs). It is also just a more luxurious version because it has a kick pad at the back. Finally, the MOAI 12'6 is a board for the more experienced paddler. It has a faster design and is a lot longer than the other boards. Because of its shape you can make more speed.

  • Which charity do I support when I buy this board?

    You support the initiative of Waves for Change in Africa. Children in certain regions of Africa are exposed to a lot of emotional and psychological stress. By supporting Waves for Change MOAI tries to make the children forget for a moment in which bad world they sometimes find themselves. Here you can watch a video of the project

  • How many fins are at the bottom of the MOAI 11'?

    There are three fins on the bottom of the MOAI 11' board.

  • Is the included paddle height adjustable?

    Yes, it is adjustable in height.

  • How long do I take inflating and deflating the inflatable board?

    It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to inflate the board with the free high pressure pump supplied.

More questions?

Do you have any questions? Feel free to send an email, start a chat or call us for more information.