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Paddle Board purchase guide for beginners

Paddle board purchase guide for beginners

What do you need to get started?

SUP is an accessible sport and you do not need much to get started. The first (and most important) is a good board. Which board is best suited for you?

We receive this question very often. People are mostly curious about which boards we use ourselves and about which boards we get good feedback from customers. That is why we have decided to write a purchase guide for different types of users:

By beginners we mean people who have stood on a paddle board 10 times or less and still have to get to know the sport. This purchase guide has been written based on our own experiences and on reviews and stories we received from our customers. We have made an overview of our favorite boards:

Types of paddle boards

What should you pay attention to when you start with paddle boarding is firstly what you want to do with the paddle board.

Would you like to relax on your paddle board, do yoga exercises on the water, windsurf on your SUP, look for wilder waters and defy the waves or even fish on your SUP? This largely determines in which type of paddle boards you have to start looking for your new board.

Certainly if you choose to fish on your paddle board or opt for SUP windsurfing or other very specific activities like SUP yoga, the number of recommended boards is limited to 1 or 2 boards.

SUP together or alone?

In addition, it is important to consider whether you are going to paddle board on your own or together with a partner or pet. If you go on your own you do not have to buy a large paddle board, but if you want to bring a pet, child or partner you obviously need more space.

Paddle boarding can be done with up to 8 people on one board. Just take a look at the Aqua Marina Mega or the Bluefin Mammoth if you want to go paddle boarding with a lot of friends or family members!

Paddle board tests

In addition to this purchase guide, take a look at the various paddle board tests that we have done. We will go into depth on the five most popular boards, the Aqua Marina Vapor, Aqua Marina Fusion, Aqua Marina Magma, Aqua Marina Monster and Aqua Marina Super Trip.

In these Aqua Marina paddle board tests we go deeper into the boards, the specs, the advantages and disadvantages of the mentioned boards and for whom these boards are the most suited.

Most popular Stand Up Paddle boards


I want to relax on the water

  1. MOAI Stand Up Paddle Board 11' Complete Package
    MOAI SUP Board 11'
    Special Price €549.00 Regular Price €699.00
  1. Aqua Marina Fusion SUP 2021
    Aqua Marina Fusion SUP
    Special Price €399.00 Regular Price €459.00

I want to cruise around on the water. Sometimes I'm looking for a challenge but it is mostly relaxation to me

  1. Aqua Marina Atlas SUP 2021
    Aqua Marina Atlas SUP
    Special Price €489.00 Regular Price €599.00

I want to have speed and adventure on my paddle board!


Paddle boards suitable for children. Both for beginners and advanced.

Why pick an inflatable paddle board?

On our website we only sell inflatable paddle boards. This is because they are easy to take along on vacation, easy to store during the off season and due to the ever improving technology an inflatable paddle board is almost as sturdy and robust as a hardboard.

In addition, the purchase price is also a lot lower and it is easier for beginners to start with paddle boarding on an inflatable.


Paddle boarding is an intensive sport in which you use almost all the muscles in your body, which makes it a very good work out. You can do this in different ways.

When you are paddling over the water slowly you already burn quite a few calories, but you can also do yoga on your paddle board or more strenuous activities such as adventurous paddle boarding or racing against friends.

The results when you are paddle boarding regularly will amaze you!

Paddle board maintenance

Whatever paddle board you take, it is not only important to choose the right paddle board that suits you best. Of course you also want the paddle board to stay in good shape for a long time and get the most out of your investment.

That is why the maintenance of a paddle board is also very important.

SUP safety

The most important thing that you always have to put above everything in paddle boarding is the safety of you and your possible SUP partner. Especially if you bring children or pets with you, you have to pay extra attention and obey all safety rules.

Therefore always wear a life jacket when you are going to SUP, so that you will not be faced with unexpected surprises. A SUP leash for your paddle board is also a must-have to ensure that the board always stays with you.

When paddle boarding in warm weather you should not forget your sun lotion! If you go paddle boarding with cold weather you have to take into account even more factors.

Paddle board technique

As with most other sports it is very important to immediately learn a good technique when you first stand on your paddle board.You will learn how to perform the correct striking technique, how to keep the best balance and accelerate, slow down and speed up on your paddle board.

For more information about keeping balance and using the paddle, you can also read our paddle board tips for beginners.

Paddle board accessories

What accessories do you need in addition to the paddle board itself? Except for a paddle board you obviously need a paddle to move forward on the water. A hand pump is also indispensable to pump up the paddle board to be able to actually use it.

To easily take the paddle board with you it is best to use a large backpack. Pay attention to our range of paddle boards, because many of the popular models include a paddle, hand pump and backpack free of charge!

An accessory that is not standard but that is necessary is an ankle cord for your paddle board. We already discussed the importance of this in the safety section.

Additional accessories that are optional are a paddle board seat to transform your paddle board into a kayak (not possible for all models!) and a dry bag to keep your belongings dry on the water.

As last and very luxurious option there is the Aqua Marina Bluedrive Power Fin, an external engine with which propels your paddle board forward so you can relax in between while your SUP continues to move on.

Sports on a Stand Up Paddle board

SUP is an excellent environment for a workout. Virtually every muscle in your body will be tested during a ride of Stand Up Paddling. Every stroke of the paddle requires force, stamina and stability. Because of all the required effort it is a great workout. Beside the fact that it is a lot of fun to do, it is also nice to spend time outside and you are in the middle of the beautiful nature. This way your body will be ready for the beach in no time!

Do you still not know which paddle board is most suitable for you after reading this purchase guide? Take a look at our page with frequently asked questions about paddle boarding and our boards, such as inflating a board, repairing any damage that can occur to the paddle board due to an accident and many other questions.

Do you still have a question after reading these frequently asked questions that is not yet answered on our website? Start a chat on the right side of the screen or send an email to We are happy to help you!