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Paddle Board Yoga - Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Paddle Board Yoga – the ultimate guide

"Spend your time with Yoga on the water and you will be completely zen in the beautiful nature!"

Paddle boarding is still becoming more popular every year. More and more people are getting to know this accessible water sport and are now enjoying this wonderful sport. Meanwhile, alternatives to paddleboarding are also being developed. Besides the standard paddle boards, there are already boards that allow you to windsurf, race, fish, go out with entire families and much more. The Yoga SUP has also been created and is now an integral part of our range.

What is paddle board Yoga?

Yoga SUP is what the name already reveals. With a sturdy, specially made board, you will perform your favourite poses on the water. The combination of being outside, enjoying nature and the tranquility of the water is something that inspires many people. If you love Yoga, why not practice your poses on a SUP board while floating calmly on the water? Wonderful right?

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Paddle board Yoga: which board do you need?

To get started with Yoga on the water, it is strongly recommended to have a strong inflatable paddle board. You want a 15 cm thick board that is stable on the water. In the beginning SUP yoga takes some getting used to.

An unstable board will not help you with this. There are special Yoga paddle boards on the market, which we will show in the next chapter. Of course it is not obligatory to have a yoga paddle board, on a regular paddle board you can also do yoga exercises.

Of course you would like to wear clothes in which you can move freely. An elastic sports pants is fine, but you can also choose to wear a bikini. Of course, you may end up in the water at first. So make sure you wear clothes that are allowed to get wet. The same goes for your shoes. We recommend that you wear slippers or sandals.

Finally, we recommend that you first start with Yoga on the shore. Have you never performed a yoga pose before? Then do not start directly on the water but take a few lessons. Try to master the technique before you start practicing yoga on the water.

8 popular Sup Board Yoga poses for beginners

As you have already seen in the first movie, there are many various poses for Sup Board Yoga. Below we mention eight good Sup Board Yoga poses for beginners. Good luck getting started!

paddle board yoga downward dog
The Downward Dog
A great pose to start your session. It creates length through your spine and ensures that you find balance on your board.
sup yoga modified crescent lunge
Modified Crescent Lunge
This pose is ideal for opening up your hips, psoas and quadriceps. Put pressure on your foot and feel your core.
sup yoga the warrior
The Warrior
The warrior seems like an easy pose, but it's not. To maintain balance on your board, strength and composure are required.
paddle board yoga the boat
The Boat
A very good exercise to build up strength in your core. Make it harder by stretching your legs more towards the horizon.
sup yoga de malasana
The Malasana
The Malasana opens your hips and your lower back. Put your feet wide and lower your hips. Then breathe in and out slowly.
sup yoga handstand
The handstand
One of the most popular poses among yoga fanatics: the handstand. Try to keep balance, something that will really test your core.
paddle board yoga the needle
The Needle
A great way to stretch your shoulders and spine, which ensures more flexibility and reduction of tension between the vertebrae.
sup yoga het wiel
The wheel
Extend your spinal column, open your chest, stretch your stomach and lift yourself into a wheel pose. No easy pose but this should not be missed!

Paddle board yoga tips

Check out our 5 best yoga tips!

1. Stay low

Especially when you're just starting out, you want to stay as close to the water surface as possible. The further you stretch (and thus get away from the water surface), the harder it is to keep balance. Do you find standing positions difficult at first? Then practice these on your knees or while squatting.

2. Don't be afraid

There is no reason to be afraid of practicing yoga on the water. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you fall in the water. Climb out and continue. After the hard work of your poses it is sometimes even nice, that refreshment. Everyone had t start at some point and someone always falls off the board. This is just funny, isn't it?

3. Focus on the horizon - look straight in front of you

By fixing yourself on the horizon, you keep your eyes on one point. This provides more stability and thus balance on your yoga board.

4. Focus on yourself

Don't watch how others perform their poses. Focus on yourself as everyone else does. It is perfectly logical that people who have done this many times before, are better at it. This doesn't matter at all.

5. Just do it!

Don't hesitate but just go! Yoga SUP is a great workout for your body. It's also great to be on the water and to fully unwind. Jump on the bike or in the car and just go. You won't regret it!

After reading this article, you still don't know which paddle board is right for you? Start a chat on the right or send an e-mail to We'd love to help you!



  • Size: 9'10" x 39"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Weight board: 24.3 lbs
  • Max. payload: 375 lbs
  • Pressure: 15 PSI


  • Size: 11'0" x 36"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Weight board: 22 lbs
  • Max. payload: 264 lbs
  • Pressure: 15 PSI