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  1. Aqua Marina Blade SUP
    • Merk Aqua Marina
    • Speciaal voor: (Young) Adults
  2. Aqua Marina Champion Windsurf SUP
    • Merk Aqua Marina
    • Speciaal voor: (Young) Adults

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Buy an inflatable paddle board

Here you will find our complete assortment of sup boards. For every typer of Stand Up Paddler we have a suitable board in our assortment. In our online store you will only find inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Almost all boards we sold were inflatable and we noticed that our consumers consider it important to easily take their sup board everywhere they want to. Not only on the rooftop of the car, but also in a backpack to go to a distant holiday destination or to wear on your back on a bike or scooter. This is why we have decided to remove hard boards from our assortment and to focus on the product we support most.

All the major Paddle Board brands, from Bluefin to Aqua Marina to MOAI

In our assortment we offer many brands:

Bluefin SUP
Goosehill SUP
Red Paddle SUP
Mistral SUP

Both very renowned brands when it comes to paddle boards. Your new sup board is of the highest possible quality and you will notice this while supping. The board may well be inflatable but is rock hard.

With the supplied pump you will inflate your SUP in just a few minutes, with the attached pressure gauge you will know exactly how much it has to be inflated. All SUP boards have a minimum warranty of one year and after that we will help you whenever possible if there are any problems.

SUP Purchasing Guide

Not yet familiar with the world of sup and sup boards? Take a peek at our SUP purchase guide for beginners or for advanced.

Here we have made a special selection out of our complete assortment. We have tested all boards for an extensive amount to see which boards are best. Also we have checked which board is most suitable for different situations. We have made a division between Sup boards for relaxation, touring and challenge.

Quickly look at our purchasing guide.

If this raises any more questions do not hesitate to send us a mail.