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5 tips to ensure good safety during supping


Supping is among the sports that are quickly gaining popularity. More and more people are attracted by supping and are buying a SUP board to give it a try. It is a fun sport that gives a full workout to the whole body. The sport is not hard to learn and lots of disciplines are improved, like among others the balance, the stamina and the coordination.

Suppen is fun and good for your stamina. However, the huge popularity of supping also causes many people to start unprepared, allowing them to quickly get in trouble. If you consider a sup board as a nice toy, you will not see the dangers. A sup board can quickly bring you into deep and restless water. Proper preparation is therefore very important to prevent you from getting into trouble. These 5 tips will help you improve the safety during supping.


Sup safety



1. Make sure you can swim well

It can always happen that you fall off your board sup. When you have been supping, it may be that the water below you is deeper than you would expect. If you can not stand you should be able to save yourself anyway. So do not go supping if you can not swim.


2. Always wear a life jacket

It is very important to always wear a good life jacket while supping, even if you can swim well. An unexpected fall in the water can cause desorientation, which causes you to not know anymore where the bottom of the water is and where you will come up. With a life jacket you will always float to the surface.


3. Use an ankle cord

It is wise to have a strap or cord that makes sure you are always attached to your sup board. If you fall off of your sup board, than the cord or strap will make sure your sup board does not float away from you. If you are very startled by your sudden fall into the water, you can clamp on to the sup board right away.


4. Always be prepared

Think about what dangerous situations you might encounter. For example, you can fall, but you can also encounter objects that you bump into or get into trouble in restless water. Think about what could happen and make sure you know exactly what to do in these situations. Kortom, focus op zelfredzaamheid.


5. Aware of the environment

Make sure you are always aware of the environment. Consider the weather, waves and currents, other people in the water, boats and objects. By being well aware of your environment you can sup calmer and safer.